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Some Thoughts on Getting back to LIVE shows Safe.

It’s so exciting to start planning for Face to Face interactions. The need to connect is even stronger after a year's time. Unfortunately, with the changing times, we are all learning to adjust to new safety guidelines and procedures to help keep our teams, clients, and attendees safe and healthy. Creating an environment at the venue and in your exhibit where everyone feels comfortable and knows their personal well-being is a priority will lead to a successful experience. Spend time training your staff on proper safety protocols, such as no handshaking or other physical contact with attendees or co-workers, recommend an elbow bump or air high-five.

What if attendance is down?

The reality is attendance will be down, especially at the early shows. But this means the quality of leads will be up, and they will probably be very motivated buyers.

We’re a Market Leader, should I just take the year off?

If you’re not there, your competitors will use this to their advantage. Perception will be that something has changed.


Should I get a smaller space?

The days of “a crowd draws a crowd” will be on hold for a while. Think about what you’re trying to accomplish at the show along with social distancing. Depending on what that is, you may want to consider a larger space. Show management may even offer a discount on a larger space than you have, to keep the hall filled. Also, consider that some people may be concerned about entering a 10x10, so be sure that there is adequate room for your product and presentations.

In whatever size space and at whatever show, there are opportunities to create a welcoming environment while adhering to safety requirements. 


What about our Virtual Content?

Great that you have that content, and that can be used for updates before during, and after the show and can be run on video in the booth. Consider shooting short clips at the show of products or presentations that help to build additional content moving forward.


Pearl Studio 82 Inc. is a Massachusetts 3D Design studio. We are local to you and would love to help you prepare for your upcoming late summer and Fall shows. Please feel free to reach out if we can help with anything.

We design, build and consult on all things related to exhibits and corporate branding.

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